6 Months To A Perfect Score Challenge

Can You Get A Perfect Credit Score in 6 Months?

Need Help? Automate Your Credit Repair From Your Mobile Phone

  • Pre-written Letter Templates

    Forget letters and stamps. Your disputes are automatically sent through the mail to all 3 credit reports using USPS Certified Mail service.

  • Dispute Collections

    Automatically dispute collections on credit cards, property or vehicles.

  • Dispute Bankruptcies

    Bankruptcy mistakes can anchor you to a midrange credit category. Legally contest your bankruptcy discharge methods.

  • Dispute Late Payments

    Late Payments can lower your credit report and leave you with a moderate to poor credit rating.

  • Dispute Credit Inquiries

    Hard credit inquires can cause a a major dip in your credit report. Most of them may have been added without your permission. Have erroneous hard inquiries automatically eliminated from your report.

  • Dispute Process Tracker

    See your credit repair in action. You'll be able to view and know when collections, bankruptcies and late payment discrepencies have been challenged and removed.

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