Boost Your Credit Score by 64 Points In 10 Days

It takes a bold ask but boosting your credit score by 64 points fast is quite easy. First, you need to find someone with a credit card they have had for over 6 months. The card has to be in good standing for at least a year without any missed payments. 2nd, they will need to order an additional card in your name. This is called shared credit.

Now, the newly minted credit card doesn’t have to be used by you or the account holder. In fact, the credit card holder doesn’t have to give you the card for you to reap the benefit of the instant credit jump. Since credit scores are upgraded every week, expect to see a bump in your credit score in about 2 weeks.

Keep in mind, the better the credit card, the better the score. Sharing a premium AMEX card can boost your score even above 64 points!

Unfortunately, for some, boosting a credit score by 64 points or so doesn’t help them enough in their credit goals when they have write-offs, late payments and other discrepancies on their credit report. When your ready to improve your score by hundreds or if you’re aiming at a Perfect Credit Score, contact us. We have solutions.

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